About Us

Hardgrove Consulting Group (HCG) was formed in 1997 with the goal of providing the best possible consulting, staffing and application services for our clients. Today, we continue advancing that goal with focused frameworks and tools that allow our practitioners to deliver fast results with immediate business value. 

HCG's practitioners have helped deliver benefits for a number of clients across nearly every industry category. Our standardized engagement method built upon a PMP, Lean Six Sigma and ITIL foundation ensures high quality results in the fastest possible time.

HCG Fact Sheet
* Incorporated in 1997

* Solved numerous Y2K challenges for Financial Service clients

* Established a TCO practice emphasizing commodity infrastructure standardization

* Developed highly instrumented enterprise monitoring & management

* Developed and implemented enterprise workflow management

* Developed enterprise transformation methodology with virtualization sizing tools

* Created System Affinity Map tool

* Created Predictive Service Provisioning framework

* Developed Right-Sourcing framework including the Supplier Rationalization Roadmap

Our Belief:  Business customers expect reliable IT services 24x7 - the best gauge of IT success is the quality of operational response when the unexpected happens.

80% is what you do next!  How can we help your journey to world-class digital business services?


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